Invest in your own Charter Yacht

We offer a fully integrated management program and business model for the Majestic 570.  Letting you sit back and relax while your boat makes a return on your investment. Ask one of our professionals for a presentation.

Profitable Cash Flow

Profit and Losses:

18 Charters @ $33,000/week

• $ 594,000 total revenue

• $320,000 total expenses

• $274,000 Net Income (before debt service)

Tax Shelter

Boat as a Business

• US Tax Laws favorable to Yacht Ownership

•Tax Planning helps reduce or eliminate tax payments

• Deduct against charter NOI and personal income

• Selling a Business? Choose to take large 1st year Bonus Depreciation

We Finance your Yacht

We will assist in financing your construction with a non-refundable deposit.

• $100,000 initial deposit preserves Hull slot

• $200,000 payment due 30 days before start

• Balance due upon delivery

Trade Partners

Royal Cape will assist

• Initial legal consultation

• CPA review and tax plan

• Crew screened for you

• 3rd party management insures proper care and maintenance






The Adventure starts here!