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Your Yacht. Your Captain. Your Chef.

Embark on a carefree Caribbean sailing vacation on one of our new Majestic 570 catamarans.

Sail Crystal Clear Caribbean waters, snorkel uncharted reefs, Island hop and indulge at the worlds most famous beach bars whilst your chef prepares mouthwatering culinary delights.


Yacht Charters

Come sail away with us on an all-inclusive 7-night sailing vacation with your friends and family on-board Barefeet Retreat, a sailing Yacht made for Adventure.


The Virgin Islands, known as the sailing capital of the world, is part of an archipelago of over 60 islands. Navigate and island hop your way through the most famous and secluded Islands in the heart of the Caribbean.

Majestic 570 Yacht Sales

Introducing the new Majestic 570, the ultimate luxury Charter Catamaran.

Come sail with us in the USVIS and the BVIS on a luxury vacation made for adventure!

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