The Charter Experience

Submerse yourself in an all-inclusive week-long sailing vacation aboard Barefeet Retreat.

Experience the Caribbean culture in the Virgin Islands. Your Captain will create a personalized route to include all the secrets. The Islands are filled with unique beach bars, historical dive sites, a variety of sea life and uncharted reefs ready to be explored.

Sit back and watch the sunset over the crystal-clear waters while your chef creates fresh, decadent meals created to each individuals taste. Come sail with us on a vacation you will be talking about for a lifetime.

Create unforgettable memories with friends and family on Barefeet Retreat. Enjoy sundowners while watching spectacular sunets, anchored off deserted islands.

Cruise pristine turquoise waters, discover uncharted waters, dive or snorkle the most amazing untouched coral reefs. An adventure of a lifetime. Andrenalin guaranteed!!

Relax and enjoy a selection of Chef Halle’s mouthwatering culinary delights whilst surrounded by the beauty of island paradise!

After a long enjoyable day in the hot tropical island sun, put your feet up and relax in the comfort of your luxuious airconditioned salon or cabins.

The Adventure starts here!