About Us

Royal Charters was founded on our experience in the charter industry. Our aim, to design and engineer a fully integrated 10 pax charter catamaran that is well suited to the nature of the charter business.

We found that there is a shortage of affordable 10 pax sailing Catamarans on the market that can produce revenue for their owners. We got together with the manufacturer – Royal Cape Catamarans, and brought together a team of professionals to create a safe, spacious and modern sailing Cat that can withstand the pressure of busy charter use, blue water sailing and expedition style adventures.

We believe we have done this with the Majestic 570.

Besides offering charters, we also offer the opportunity for you to invest in your very own Majestic 570 Charter Yacht. We offer a fully integrated management program and business model, allowing you to sit back and relax while your boat makes a return on investment.

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